Aluminium alloys, Ligatures on the basis of aluminium

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The connection between quality and reputation

We have many times drawn attention of aluminum alloys customers to the question of choosing ...

Kamalko is able to process raw materials

Since March 2010 after the start up of a new workshop we can take raw materials for processing. ...

Our first secret

One of our greatest secrets of alloy producing we promised to reveal in January 2010 (our news ...

Information of the production amount

The amount of high quality alloys produced by our firm is about 1700 tons a month. The free amount ...

For business owners – Why it is recommended to use high quality casting alloys

For business owners For business chiefs For chief engineer For chief metallurgist Why it is ...

Secrets of production and SMP

We have decided to reveal one of our greatest secrets of alloy production at our site in January ...

High quality refining – myth or reality?

Our company has many times said that we produce alloys that go through complicated multi-level ...

We are ready to produce the most complicated piston alloys for Volvo, Scania, Man, Mercedes, Renault, Ford

The testing of our technology of manufacturing piston alloys at Kamsk Engine Plant has been a ...

Review Group GAZ- Ltd

According to the review by the technical director of Group GAZ – Ltd «Ulyanovsk Engine ...



    About the company

The company was set up in 1997 in the town of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky at the experiment base of DAO “PROMGAZ” RAO “GAZPROM” with support of Moscow Institute of Thermal and Metallurgical Aggregates and Technologies. The aim of the business is as follows: production of high quality aluminum alloys and addition alloys from primary aluminum as well as composites hardened by dispersion of refractory phases on aluminum matrix.

Our company differs from other aluminum producers for we treat the ingots made by us as a work material to be rerolled. According to the theory of “Heredity in cast alloys” by professor V.I.Nikitin it allows to get components with easy to predict mechanical characteristics. Our attitude to ingots is as serious as that at aircraft industry plants.

The aluminum-silicon alloys made by us have been named ductile silumines. They possess mechanic qualities of thermally processed alloys. The results achieved surpassed expectation: the number of defects at production of complicated components (engine blocks) decreased by 4 times, the quantity of defects is “0”!

We use both advanced metallurgic technologies (particularly the best developments by VILS) and our own ones. The alloys produced by us have successfully passed examination at Russian enterprises. Our company has certificates given by State Standard Committee of Russia. In 2009 we passed the certification of Avian Registry MAK.


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