Aluminium alloys, Ligatures on the basis of aluminium

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The connection between quality and reputation

We have many times drawn attention of aluminum alloys customers to the question of choosing ...

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    The connection between quality and reputation

We have many times drawn attention of aluminum alloys customers to the question of choosing products of the highest quality and we hope we have proved their economic profitability.

Nevertheless there are some aspects of social importance. It turns out that use of faulty goods including aluminum alloys can greatly damage the image of a firm causing not only economic losses and quality reduction but its competitiveness also goes down as well as reputation of the firm.

There are a lot of examples of such situations. In Russian car industry cheaper materials are bought as a rule. It is done because of ISO and competitiveness when people try to decrease the cost of production as much as possible. Naturally it means quality reduction. Nobody calculates the losses caused by faulty goods (except maybe the ones while having to remelt faulty products for several times). And nobody calculates the losses to the business image in general. It may be one of the reasons why car produced in Russia are becoming less popular with customers though they are rather cheap.

Another example. The famous company RALPH LAUREN produces goods of rather high quality. They are used by numerous Olympic teams and are praised all over the world.

But we can give documentary proof that choosing improper supplier of components may do harm to the image of a company.

One of our colleagues bought an expensive child’s jacket made by this firm in the Central Department Store in Moscow. The next day the zipper of the jacket got broken. It was made of aluminum alloy. We dare say that they had used defective alloy for the zipper, the break-up happening in the oxide layer spot. The zipper was doomed to break. The jacket was replaced in the store, but how can one restore the firm reputation and its authority?

We guess it is possible to do only by providing the highest level of quality which we trying to achieve and which we advertise.

Also we are sure that not only a ready product must be of high quality, having a famous brand and image but its components as well.

We announce we are ready to provide such quality we are ready to be a famous brand

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